Jose - good place to get eldt for hazmat

great course

James - Very Informative

Excellent Course!  Loved It!  Very east to follow, and the mini quizzes helped tremendously!  l would highly recommend to anyone needing their CDL HazMat.  
Thank You

Steven - Hazmat Course

Great course.... straight to the point!

Jeffrey - Jeff

Great course as I learned much new information for the Hazardous endorsement.  Thanks

Omar Alejandro - HazMat Endorsement course

This was an excellent course, I learned a lot of new things and it was really clear and easy to understand

clebee - muy bueno

excelente aprendes mucho la informacion son muy buena y inportante para tener una conducion cuidadosa y bien informada de cualquier peligro

Jonathan - HAZMAT ELDT

Easy to follow and straight to the point. Very good.

Bryan - very helpful

This course was very helpful in getting me prepared for the final exam. I would recommend it to everybody I know.

Troylus - ELDT

More painless than expected.

Wendell - Hazmat course

Great course

Kais - Greeting to all truck drivers

A lot easer than I expected.

Spencer - Excellent Course

Course was quick, right to the point, simple to follow and easy to understand.

Zachary - Hazmat

Very good

James - Excellent courst

Stright forward and to the point

Juan - Juan

Great information and easy to complete

Johnnie - Johnny - Hazmat Training

I like the training it was good and very informative.


At first, I was skeptical cause I thought they might not be legit, but after I went to the FMCSA website to see if they were true, and YES!!!!!!! They are.
Now about the training course, it is so well detailed well explained too, and I don't regret it at all, plus I would like to thank you to "@Derek for helping me set up my order.

Tyron - Hazmat Training

Great Class. Good information…

Cameron - Hazmat training course

The training course was very detailed for being online and I felt like It covered everything that I needed to know and more

Mason - Hazmat endorsement

Very informative

Hugo - Hazmat Training

Easy and simple! straight forward and easy to use and understand.

Jose Daniel - CDL Hazmat Endorsement

Easy to review and understand!

anceloty - hm endorsement

nice class and very informative

Edirin - CDL HAZMAT Endorsement (ELDT)

Easy to understand and made simple to comprehend

Jason - Hm endorsement

Not bad the read Along voice made it clam and relaxing




This was quick and easy. I was able to go at my own pace, without having to miss work or go sit in a class. Easy to use, sure it's a bit on the pricey side, but it's worth it. Thank You CDL Direct for this option.

Troy - ELDT HAZMAT Course

This course was very informative. The read along part was very helpful. Would recommend this course to anyone that needs it!

Chase - Eldt hazmat endorsement

Information was clear and easy to understand. Course was simple and didn't take too long  to complete.


This course was very informative and extremely convenient.


I really appreciate and recommend CDL-Direct online ELDT - HAZMAT ENDORSEMENT course for everyone and anyone who has shown interest of having a hazmat endorsement.
It is easy, straight forward and very convenient at your own time.
Thank you management of CDL-DIRECT online.

(Dallas, Texas)

Billy - Easy

This help me with the test.

Kolby - Saved time from going to an in-person class

This was the best option for me due to not having the availability to go to an in-person class. No complaints about the course and material. Would recommend.

Chris - Expensive but worth it after considering the alternatives.

I checked the surrounding areas offering this class in a classroom setting.  They were all over two hours away, only offered one class a month, and had a median price of $150 for the four-hour lecture and certificate.  With the discount, this class was far better.  I could take my time, review, and go over the parts where I needed a bit more clarification.  I took the course over three days due to time constraints.  Can't do that in a classroom setting.

Eric - Fit my needs and time frame perfectly.

I went to get my HAZMAT endorsement today and found out about the requirement for this course. I Found this online, finished it in an afternoon, and have rescheduled my endorsement test for tomorrow. Never could get the app to work though.

Adam - Review

It was a nice course to take

Michael - Hazmat

The Course was very helpful and easy to navigate.

Shawn L - HAZMAT

The course was very good.  Easy to navigate and I liked that i was able to go at my own pace

Lloyd - Lloyd-Hazmat ELDT

Excellent website setup, hassle free, easy to use. Highly suggest using CDL Direct Online!

Humberto - eltd Hazmat

Very easy to follow, great

MARK - Mark (EDLT)

Thumbs Up! A refresher, had the hazmat endorsement before and didn't renew it.  but this course made it much easy

Eli - review

I think this program is set up very nicely. It was easy to use and navagaite. I loved that it read outloud and i could proceed at my own speed. It was a very good program

Martin - Highly recommend

Easy hassle free

JOSEPH - ELDT hazmat

This review an exam was the greatest for what i needed! The help motivation and guarantee, Thank you so much for the affordability.

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