About Us

Our Goal

Our goal at CDL Direct is to give our students a solid foundation of driving knowledge and skills that make safe commercial drivers. Through the use of videos, animations, dynamic quizzes, interactive games and storytelling, we help students remain engaged in our courses as they become safe, responsible and confident drivers.

Our Promise of Excellent Service and Constant Improvement

Not everyone thinks the same, that’s why we encourage everyone who enrolls in our courses to provide us feedback. On every page of all of our courses, students will see a link that allows a student to report a problem or make a suggestion right inside the course. We listen to those problems and suggestions as our way of constantly improving our courses. Along with this continual improvement of our courses we make regular updates to reflect new laws and procedures and to include revised content such as new videos and animations.

Our customer service team understands that no matter where you live, getting a driver's license can be a confusing and frustrating process. Our focus is on understanding our customers' needs and providing fast, helpful answers to their questions. Laws and requirements vary from state to state, and from one year to the next, but we work diligently to maintain an up-to-date understanding of driver education policy so we can be a resource for our valued customers.