Product reviews for Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) - Class B

Adam - ELDT Class B

Very well setup and the ability to go at your own pace is very helpful when you are busy with other responsibilities. Information in the course is very informational.



Marco - Great way to inform yourself

I think it was a great way to study and acknowledge the truck/trailer and specially the roads many drivers this days have little knowledge of the laws and ways for the roads

Marco - Great easy online course

i am extremely satisfied with this easy 123 straight forward online course. Very convenient that they also electronically submit the completion to the National training provider.

Kyle - review for the entry level class B training

it was very informative and had lots of information i would not have thought about on my own. very thorough and well done.


TOOK my time this way very knowledgeable great courses.

Christopher - Chris - class B

Great course learned a lot.


Great Course, very informative.

Jose - Cdl class b

Very easy to follow. A great course

Andy - Andy CDL Class B EDLT Course

The course is very informative, very easy to follow and to complete also doesn't take too long to get through. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in driving for a living.

Yeraldo - cdl clase B excelente ...!

la informacion recibida en el curso es precisa.

Jose - Jose-Eldt classB

Easy to understand and follow. I appreciate how the course was broken up into sections Very very good

Julie - ELDT Class B course

A great course and learned a lot. I highly recommend this to anyone that is interested in furthering there career in driving. :)

John - ELDT course

The course is very informative,very easy to follow and to complete also doesn't take that long to get through.I highly recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in driving for a living.

Brian - ELDT - class B course - what a breeze :-)

Super easy to use, study and pass. Did the whole on-line course in one day and passed all sections on first try (100%) highly recommend

Michael - ELDT Course

Very simple to use and preapred me well for the State CDL test.

Zohaib - ELDT Course Review

Great course to study from. It covers everything A-Z. Highly detailed information is provided throughout the different course units.

Jeison H - Excellent Course

Very informative course and well explained.

robert - cdl direct vs

was forced to take this course after passing and submission of eldt.coms course both information was the same just video and more   pics on cdl direct

kari - Kari- CDL Class B Knowledge Test Training Course

Easy to understand and follow. I appreciate how the course was broken up into sections

Joshua - CDL Class B Knowledge Test Training Course

I believe the course material went  fairly in depth and covered most of the topics and or subjects  that a CDL License applicant will encounter or be exposed to while testing at their state DMV facility to acquire a CDL Learners Permit or CDL License. Only complaint I have is I wish the cost of the course or class was a little bit cheaper. Clearly the choice to purchase the training class/ course means you're committed to and investing in your self for your future. I'd highly recommend the course to others interested in obtaining their CDL license.

Leonel - Exelente

Easy to understand and follow, loaded with useful information.

Gregory - Greg - Class B CDL

Very simple and productive course. Easy to navigate and gained so much knowledge.

Caleb - Class B ELDT

The Course was helpful.

David - Dave - Class B CDL

Thorough course but easy to follow along with.

Marconi - Class B

Great and easy

Kevin - CDL Class B

A very well done class with great knowledge and detail.

Terehk - Terehk - Class B

Great course easy to follow along

Brandon - Class B

Thorough and easy to understand.

Thomas - Class B course

Very informative and easy to understand . Well worth the time and money

Morris - ELDT Class B

Other than being a long course, it was excellent.

Francdy - class B


Carson - Carson S. CLASS B

Great class. Learned what I felt like was everything I needed to know!

Justin - Great Class

This was very helpful great detail

Dakota - Cdl

A lot to learn! Definitely should be a must!

milad - CDL class B

it was very knowledgeable took me four days to finish but I learn a lot thank you

Terence - Class b

Went great. At home very helpful


Very informative, and useful information to help when I take the CDL Driving Test. Well worth the money and time spent. I cannot do classroom time I can't seem to focus that way. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Hector - Eldt

Great course easy to follow along

Oscar - Class B

It was good i learned a lot during the course I recommend it to everyone out there

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