Saul - Saul

Muy necesario para un estudiante de cdl

Cliff - Cliff


Frankli - Eldt

100% recommended

Mark - ELDT Course

There was a lot of quality information. Very well done.

Woong Chul - ELDP

Very good course!

Zachary - ELDT Course

Great course! The content was very educational and informative.  Thank you.

Nick - Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)

Much great information is given.  it was challenging to start, but once you get going it goes quickly.

Paul - Great in-depth course!

Very easy to read course. Goes through tons of info. The practice questions help a lot. 10/10

Garett - Class A theory

It was phenomenal!

Mikhail - great course

very helpful and very knowledgeable class.


l like the class a lot l learn so much thank you

Renald - Powerful

It was really good to learned about it. That’s helpful.


Very helpful and full of information. You just have to be willing to invest your time and be committed.

LENIN - Lenin - ELDT Class A Excellent

Is a very good course well put together and helpful in the learning process very easy to follow along.

Brian - Great Course

The course was very helpful and thorogh.

Cecil - Cecil - ELDT Class A Awesome And Then Some

No complaints. Course was very east to follow along. Provided essential information needed to be a successful Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver.

Joseph - (ELDT) class A

Great course

Aelcio - Excellent



Was pretty straight forward! I can't complain.

Youvens - Dugue


Jason - ELDT Class A

Very informative, this was a well put together course that gave a lot of insight into what all is entailed before becoming a driver.  I really enjoyed the course.

Anthony - ELDT CLASS A

Expensive but well put together and helpful in the learning process experience

Jonathan - Class A

Good classes showed me what I needed to know.


This test was awesome and eye-opener to more issues related to CMV Driver.

Pierre - ELDT class A

This is a very good course for every CDL driver new and old to take a lot of good information I really enjoyed open my eyes to many more stuff that a CMV driver should know and precautions to be taken

Jerome - ELDT

It is very helpful

Tommy - cdl training

alot of information given. user friendly. alot of information given that i was unaware of.

Oumar - ELDT Class A

This course was very important to learn. I've learned many things that I didn't know as a regular driver. It was very useful as requirement, now we know what to expect on the roads.

salvatore - ELDT


David - A Great CDL Learning Experience!

I learned a lot because this course was put together very well and very user friendly. The questions were logical, but more importantly, the material was based on info we need to know to be an effective driver. I'm glad it's required!

Gabriel - ELDT Class A course

Very helpful and easy to navigate

Abraham - Abraham - ELDT CLASS A

Great course, very informative and highly recommend!

Kristina - Review

The ELDT training was formatted correctly.

TODD - ELDT Class A Course

Course materials very similar to State DOT manual. Would recommend taking course prior to taking Permit Exam.

Bulent - Feedbacks

It was a very useful and informative training indeed, welldone. I wish I had taken Knowlage before the tests. Thanks

John Hunter - ELDT Class A Course

This course was very helpful and knowledgeable in many ways. The pre-trip inspection was extremely helpful along with multiple other categories that were covered

Travoris - Very Helpful

I give this training high praise! It was very helpful with the frequent pop quiz to you the key part of the section you have completed. Also how the correct answer is shown when you missed a question and the option of looking back to see why you were incorrect is a plus.

Franc - Sort class A

Good course With good imformation.

Tristan - Very intense

This journey was challenging, but I made it.

Inza - Verry nice

I liked

Marcel - Most helpful program up to date!

This program gets through all the toots and whistles there is about Commercial Drivers License. Very good quizzing, helpful resources, and a very hefty amount of information on ALL subjects. Very helpful that everything is in a nice order too!

Christopher - Awesome

Great course!

jason - Entry Level Driver Training

This helps a lot it goes over everything in good detail and reviews each unit at the end which is very help full.

everard - awesome

love the course
opened my eyes to the little things that can easily be overlooked
awesome course

julio - excellent ELDT online program

online program is very professional , informative and designed in a way that is both interesting and easy to follow through.

pierre - Great

Helpful and educative ,it simply wanderful

Chase - C14

Helps alot, i learned alot of stuff I didn’t know

sunil - test is good


Julio Grabiel - Súper bien

Todo super

Kaylin - Awesome course!!!!

Its no rush you go at your own pace.Totally worth the price

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