3 Tips for good driving posture

3 Tips for good driving posture


Bad posture in your truck can affect both your health and how long you can comfortably drive.  A few simple tips will help you stay comfortable and drive more effectively.

1. Adjust your seat so that your feet can comfortably access all pedals. Recline your seat no more than 20 degrees to prevent added pressure on your lower back.

2. Some trucks have a telescoping wheel. Adjust the wheel so that your arms can comfortably reach it and that it is not too close to your body.

3. Make sure you can access all controls easily, especially the gear shifter since it will be used the most.

At CDL Direct, our goal is to assist all commercial vehicle drivers to be safe and successful in their careers.  We provide online ELDT courses that provide both the training needed to obtain your commercial learner’s permit along with the practical instructions that help along the way.

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