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Truck driver safety while loading or unloading


While most of the risks of being a truck driver are faced while you are driving your CMV, you must be aware of potential dangers when the truck is being loaded or unloaded.  In some situations, you may be loading the cargo yourself, perhaps using a hand pallet jack, a powered pallet jack, or a forklift.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that anyone using a forklift or a powered pallet jack complete a training program, so do not use these unless you have been properly trained and certified.

Hand pallet jacks do not need special certification, but you still need to use them safely.  Make sure that the load on the pallet is properly balanced and that you have positioned the forks far enough under the pallet before raising the load.

If you are not loading or unloading the truck yourself, take the following precautions:

Stay clear of the forklift (or any other loading devices).

If you have to provide any guidance to those doing the work, stay within the visual range of the forklift driver to make sure he sees you at all times.

Be aware of forklift movements at all times.  Don’t assume he can see you!  There are always blind spots on a forklift.

If you have a flatbed trailer and cargo is being loaded onto your truck via a crane, stay well clear of the space and do not stand under the load.

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