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Preventing cargo theft

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Cargo theft has become a big problem in the United States, costing companies $15 to $35 billion annually.  These steps will help to reduce the likelihood of you suffering loss.


  • Communicate well with your carrier.  All involved in the process should know the name of the driver and the vehicle number for the vehicle that will be picking up the load.
  • Check your paperwork.  The problem with cargo theft starts at the dock.  Make sure that your cargo matches your bill of lading in both commodity and quality.  Do not sign any paperwork until you have verified that all of your cargo is accounted for.
  • Be aware of vulnerable areas.  These include truck stops, parking lots, drop lots, and other areas where cargo could be left unattended, especially in store parking lots or empty lots on weekends.
  • Do not leave your trailer unattended at any moment.  If you must walk away for some reason, make sure to lock the doors and take the keys with you.
  • Park in well-lit areas.  Avoid dark isolated areas.
  • Place the most valuable cargo in the nose of the trailer as far away from the doors as possible.
  • Do not accept last-minute cargo that does not include paperwork.


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