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Truck drivers must have discernment

Truck drivers must have discernment

Most dictionaries define the word “discernment” as a quality that assists an individual to comprehend something.  There is an obvious connection between safe driving habits and discernment.  The level of discernment one possesses may vary based on how someone processes information and by how they choose to react and apply what they learn.  As we consider a few examples, pay close attention to the situation being described and use them to evaluate or even “grade” your personal driving behavior based on what you discern and how it may affect your decisions.


Situation 1          Most people have busy schedules and juggle many different responsibilities and obligations.  If you regularly find yourself running late or begin to feel strong emotions such as anger or frustration while driving; how may you choose to respond?

Response 1         Driving aggressively or faster than the speed limit may reduce the time needed for travel.  Will this increase driving risk for yourself and others?

Response 2         Changing the time allotted for travel time budgeting additional time to travel and allotting time for unexpected delays.  Will this reduce driving risks and perhaps help to avoid becoming aggressive or frustrated while driving?


Situation 2          Inclement weather is affecting driving conditions and visibility.  Heavy rain is making the roadway reduce the quality of tire traction and stopping distance.  The rain is also making it more difficult to see the roadway lines or to clearly see pedestrians or cyclists.


Response 1         The speed limit signs do not state a speed limit when it is raining.  I can drive legally at the speed limit.


Response 2         Deciding to slow enough to allow proper time to stop proportionate to visibility, reaction time, and braking ability will reduce the risk of striking anything that appears suddenly.  Paying closer attention to the road will reduce the likelihood that other internal or external factors will affect driving safely.  Having the discernment to allow additional time for any drive also helps to prevent our view of time adding to the factors that influence driving behavior.

At CDL Direct, our goal is to provide online driver education courses that equip all drivers with what they need to be safe drivers.  Commercial vehicle drivers have more weight, size, and force while driving commercial vehicles.  We desire to educate and assist all drivers to make smart choices that reduce risks for themselves and others.

You are guaranteed to pass our CDL course!


CDL Direct is committed to providing a high quality, highly flexible, and highly effective educational tools to assist individuals who are seeking a commercial drivers license.  We are so confident in the quality of our training courses that you are guaranteed to pass!

Let us explain a bit.  Many people have limited free time and do not have the ability to easily take time off of work to begin the process of getting their CDL.  We have already helped over 25,000 students meet the FMCSA guidelines set in February of 2022 in the most convenient way possible.  When you purchase our course, you have the ability to use your phone, tablet or computer to take in the "classroom" side of Entry Level Driver Training at the time, pac, and location of your choice.

Most prefer their own couch rather than a classroom.  We understand that and make that possible for you.  You will see that the quality of instruction is more effective in that it allows you to control what your time and attention permit.  This causes the learning experience to be more user friendly and thus more comfortable.

As you take quizzes throughout the course you will see how well you competence and confidence levels will grow.  You may retake all quizzes and even the final test as many times as you desire.  Many students benefit from reviewing more difficult points which helps them to more effectively learn them well.

After you pass the course we can help you along the way with additional guidance and assistance to complete your training with behind-the-wheel courses to put what you learned in "class" into action in the real world.  For these reasons tens of thousands have chosen CDL Direct as their "classroom", we look forward to having you as a student as well.