4 Important reasons to do a pre-trip inspection

4 Important reasons to do a pre-trip inspection

pre trip inspection


Doing consistent pre-trip inspections can be likened to investing in your business.  The important reasons listed below will prove that it pays valuable dividends.

1.  Safety

Any professional driver will agree that safety is a vital aspect of being a truck driver.  Regardless of what type of CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) you possess, the pre-trip inspection will identify any potential problems before they become more serious.  Tire pressure, brakes, fluid levels, and gauges can reveal where your truck may need attention.

2.  Time

A pre-trip inspection may take about 30 minutes to perform.  This upfront investment will help prevent time lost to dealing with an incident while on the road and keep you in your truck driving.

3.  Money

Fixing any issue yourself that has been identified during the pre-trip inspection can save a lot of money compared to the cost of towing and repairing something that has to be fixed or replaced by someone else while on the road.  Since the DOT monitors and audits your inspection protocol having good records of your completed inspections can even help lower the cost of your insurance rates.

4.  Liability

The law requires truck drivers to do a pre-trip inspection.  If a professional driver is involved in an accident, regardless of who may be found at fault, he can be found liable if he is unable to provide proof of a pre-trip inspection.  This can have enormous repercussions thus showing conclusively how vital the pre-trip inspection is to the success of any truck driver.

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