How to get a CDL in Florida 2023

CDL Florida

Seeking a Commercial Driver’s License is a popular idea in Florida.  To understand each step a prospective truck driver must take it is wise to become familiar with CDL requirements and standards for the state of Florida.  See everything you will need to do on the Florida Highway and Motor Vehicle Safety website HERE.  To summarize the requirements for simplicity you must pass three basic tests.

You must pass a knowledge test.  This can be described as the CLASSROOM section that covers the practical and general information related to commercial vehicles and specific topics that the FMCSA requires a commercial vehicle driver to comprehend.  This part of training can even be done online.

You must pass a physical.  There are specific requirements that can vary slightly depending on which state you are seeking to obtain your CDL.  Florida requires commercial vehicle drivers to be at least 18, to pass a vision test, and to meet certain physical standards to confirm there is no serious health condition that could affect one’s ability to drive safely.  Enclosed is a link to see a list of the PHYSICAL requirements.

You must pass a skills test.  This is the behind-the-wheel portion of CDL training.  Obviously, one can meet the classroom and physical requirements already yet gripping the wheel, sitting in the seat, shifting gears, and gaining real-world experience of what is involved in driving the truck is essential.  The average cost for behind-the-wheel training in Florida in 2023 is about $3500 and may take about 2 weeks depending on how fast a student progress.

It is highly common for behind-the-wheel schools to either have direct connections with companies that can help CDL school graduates to find employment.  In addition to those contacts, many trucking companies will send recruiters to talk to CDL students to explain what options may be immediately available based on the student’s needs and circumstances.  With supply chain issues and the pressing demand, there are many opportunities for those seeking a career as a commercial vehicle driver.

CDL Direct is committed to providing the highest quality Entry Level Driver Training course available online.  We also provide ongoing safety tips for truck drivers through our blogs.  If you are considering getting your commercial driver’s license or would like to benefit from the safe driving tips that we provide then check us out at today!

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