How to get a CDL in Texas 2023


Supply chain issues are not what they were in 2021, however, there are many factors that are influencing Texas residents to get a commercial driver’s license, (CDL), in 2023.

Data collected from the American Trucking Association reports that nearly         1 trillion dollars of gross freight revenue were shipped in the United States in 2021.  In addition, there are over 1 million different carriers, so yes, freight is on the move and there are considerable opportunities for those considering pursuing a career driving commercial vehicles.


According to statistics compiled by Indeed, the average truck driver salary in 2023 with less than one year of experience is over $72,000!  It is no surprise that many who are in need of a new career are seriously considering truck driving for a living.  In years past, it was far more difficult to start out in the trucking industry with competitive pay because most carriers want to see experienced drivers who have shown that they can drive safely and efficiently before qualifying for top salaries.


You may be surprised to know that you can begin your steps in obtaining your commercial driver’s license online.  Since February of 2022, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, (FMCSA), has required specific Entry Level Driver Training, (ELDT), for all seeking a new CDL going forward.  The theory side of ELDT can be taken online nationwide at CDLDIRECT.COM.  The convenience of starting online is proven by the over 25,000 students who have taken this online ELDT theory course since February 2022.  CDL training involves classroom and behind-the-wheel training.  Why take more time off work to spend time in an actual classroom?  Why add time to the length of your in-person training if you don’t have to?  Our online ELDT theory course can be taken from home or on the go!  It Is mobile-optimized, so you can learn wherever you are at whatever convenient time you need it.


It is important to know that obtaining your commercial driver’s license in Texas requires several steps in addition to the ELDT theory course.  See the requirements listed by the Texas Department of Public Safety HERE.  We are ready to help you along the way!


CDL Direct is committed to providing the highest quality Entry Level Driver Training course available online.  We also provide ongoing safety tips for truck drivers through our blogs.  If you are considering getting your commercial driver’s license or would like to benefit from the safe driving tips that we provide then check us out at today!

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