Personal safety tips while out on the road

Personal safety tips while out on the road

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Truck drivers are on the road earlier in the morning and later in the day than most drivers. They are frequently by themselves. For these reasons it is important to be aware of the potential dangers while on the road and what simple steps can be taken to protect yourself.

1. Don’t leave the truck unattended or unlocked. If you walk away for any reason, take the keys with you and lock the doors. Check all doors and locks at every truck stop.

2. Avoid stopping in dark isolated places. When at a truck stop, park in well-lit high-security areas.

3. Be mindful of how you carry your wallet and valuables.

4. Don’t make yourself a target by openly showing money or jewelry.

At CDL Direct, our goal is to assist all commercial vehicle drivers to be safe and successful in their careers.  We provide online ELDT courses that provide both the training needed to obtain your commercial learner’s permit along with the practical instructions that help along the way.

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