Tips to safely drive your CMV past overhead objects


Hitting overhead objects is a real danger for truck drivers.  For example, roadways often take you under overpasses.  Make sure you are aware of your vehicle’s height and that you always have sufficient overhead clearance.  Don’t assume that the heights posted at bridges and overpasses are correct.


A road that has been repaved or has firmly packed snow on it may have less clearances since the heights were posted.


The weight of your cargo affects your vehicle’s height.  An empty container sits higher than one that is loaded.  Just because you got under a bridge when you were loaded doesn’t mean that you can pass safely when empty.


If you doubt you have enough clearance to pass under an object, go slowly.  If you aren’t sure you can make it, take another route.


Warnings are often posted on low bridges or underpasses, but sometimes they are not.  Some roads can cause a vehicle to tilt.  There can be a problem clearing objects along the edge of the road, such as signs, trees, or bridge supports.  Where this is a problem, drive a little closer to the center of the road.


Before you get back into an area, check for overhanging objects such as trees, branches, or electric wires.  It’s easy to miss seeing them while in reverse.


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