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Truck drivers must have discernment

Truck drivers must have discernment

Most dictionaries define the word “discernment” as a quality that assists an individual to comprehend something.  There is an obvious connection between safe driving habits and discernment.  The level of discernment one possesses may vary based on how someone processes information and by how they ...

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CDL Direct is committed to providing a high quality, highly flexible, and highly effective educational tools to assist individuals who are seeking a commercial drivers license.  We are so confident in the quality of our training courses that you are guaranteed to pass!

Let us explain a bit.  Many...

How to get a CDL in Texas 2023


Supply chain issues are not what they were in 2021, however, there are many factors that are influencing Texas residents to get a commercial driver’s license, (CDL), in 2023.

Data collected from the American Trucking Association reports that nearly         1 trillion dollars of gross freight r...

How to get a CDL in Florida 2023

CDL Florida

Seeking a Commercial Driver’s License is a popular idea in Florida.  To understand each step a prospective truck driver must take it is wise to become familiar with CDL requirements and standards for the state of Florida.  See everything you will need to do on the Florida Highway and Motor Vehicle...

Top Reasons to avoid overloading Commercial Vehicles



The costs associated with transporting goods across the country continue to rise.  For some carriers or customers, this may increase the desire to maximize load size in order to reduce the overall cost.  However, this may increase the temptation to overload.


Aside from the risk of having yo...

Tips to safely drive your CMV past overhead objects


Hitting overhead objects is a real danger for truck drivers.  For example, roadways often take you under overpasses.  Make sure you are aware of your vehicle’s height and that you always have sufficient overhead clearance.  Don’t assume that the heights posted at bridges and overpasses are corr...

How to Respond to Truck Brake Failure

runaway ramp

Brake failure is probably one of the most terrifying possibilities for commercial vehicle drivers.  However, proper vehicle maintenance, driving at safe speeds, and braking properly will almost always prevent brake failure on long downgrades. 

Proper commercial vehicle maintenance which inclu...

Preventing cargo theft

back up

Cargo theft has become a big problem in the United States, costing companies $15 to $35 billion annually.  These steps will help to reduce the likelihood of you suffering loss.


  • Communicate well with your carrier.  All involved in the process should know the name of the driver and the vehi...
Truck driver safety while loading or unloading


While most of the risks of being a truck driver are faced while you are driving your CMV, you must be aware of potential dangers when the truck is being loaded or unloaded.  In some situations, you may be loading the cargo yourself, perhaps using a hand pallet jack, a powered pallet jack, or a ...

Could Immigration and Unemployment hold the key to solving the Truck Driver shortage and supply chain issues?

Do immigration and employment assistance hold the key to solving the truck driver shortage and supply chain issues?

truck driver

Cheer up! It’s only going to get worse.  At least that is what it feels like when reflecting on the long-term effects of a pandemic-induced supply chain crisis. A crisis worsene...